How No Guarantor Loans Help you to Overcome the Financial Crisis

Life is full of surprises and you can face a financial crisis at any time. With exhausted funds in the bank account and no financial help from friends, it is really tough for you to survive a crunch. Pleading banks and typical lending companies don’t work as they lend only when you submit the co-signed application along with the collateral. In such a hopeless situation, online direct lenders come to your rescue and offer no guarantor loans with zero extra fees.

Let’s quickly summarise how no guarantor funds let you overcome a financial problem in less than a day:

Anybody Can Apply – No Strict Rules

You don’t need to be a superman or a special applicant to apply for these funds. Even bankrupt, CCJs, and default can apply and access the funds without facing any hurdles. Although the eligibility criteria vary from a lender to another still the most common and basic criteria are: You should be 18-75 years old and the residents in the UK. There is no need to maintain a file of documents. This paperless procedure is just amazing.

Let You Access Cash with No Collateral

With the advent of financial technology (FinTech), old lending rules have gone and now prospective borrowers can access instant cash without pledging their valuable assets. Pledging collateral to secure funds was a risky option. Now, you don’t have to take the risks on your house or car or other resources.

No Co-signers are Required

In the midst of a crisis, your first priority is to overcome the situation. Running after legitimate guarantors worsen the crisis, as nobody agrees to co-sign your application thanks to your bad credit history or poor financial status. But for availing personal loans for bad credit, you don’t need to arrange a co-signer. Just fill your name, email address, communication address and the required amount. That’s it!

Get Fast Money on the Same Day

The approval rate of no guarantor funding application is more than 98.5 %. Even some customer-friendly companies boast of giving 100 % approvals means they don’t reject even a single application. Usually, they give the required approval in less than 5 minutes. Once the application is approved, the online team of the direct lending company transfers the cash directly into the bank account of the applicant in maximum 120 minutes.

Cheap Funding Options to Bad Credit

People with poor credit scores fight at all ends. Banks and traditional financing companies reject their funding requests in the first instance. Friends and acquaintances run away from them. But, online direct lenders are different! They never refuse their distress calls and offer assured loans for bad credit with no guarantor. They want to see you financially stable and hence let you borrow cash at a lower APR with no upfront and processing charges.

Timely Installments Improves your Score

Direct lenders allow you to repay zero liability funds in easy installments. It has various advantages. First, it doesn’t burden your home budget. Second, when you make timely repayments over the time, your score goes up. You can choose the tenure as per your need and repayment capacity.

The best deals on no guarantor loans are waiting for you! Apply now to say goodbye to all financial problems.

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