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When you are in serious need for money to fund your home improvement or expansion plans, secured homeowner loans can come to your rescue, offering you a way to borrow money by using your home as equity. Such loans are especially aimed at persons who have a bad credit or no credit rating. Since these loans are secured against property, the risk for the bank is minimal and greater for you. Your failure to repay the full loan amount could risk your ownership of your home.Nevertheless, when there is no other funding resource, secured loans, such as homeowner loans, are your best recourse to raising the money you need.

  • A homeowner loan is available at a lower interest rate compared to an unsecured loan, since you are using your property as guarantee.
  • Such loans offer you a way to borrow huge sums of money, which is not possible otherwise in any other type of loan.
  • Unlike other loans that have a shorter repayment period, you can repay the loan amount slowly in small installments.
  • Homeowner loans bad credit are available for persons even with a poor credit history. Such unsecured loans for bad credit are available at affordable monthly payments.
  • These types of secured loans are used for debt consolidation. Since a homeowner loan makes it possible for you to borrow a huge sum of money, you can pay off your little debts at once, leaving you with only one monthly repayment to make.

The A One Loans Advantage for Homeowner Loans

If you are seriously looking for homeowner loans, A One Loans offers unsecured loans for a range of borrowers, helping you finance your big purchase or home improvement project. We consider all loan applications, irrespective of credit rating and help you get for poor credit.